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Fine Art Prints by Arpad Petrass

Photography has always been Arpad’s hidden passion. He now brings his unique Visceral and creative vision to his photographic world.

Arpad says that “Photography should delight and excite the senses." There are so many magical moments in life that if you were to just stop, pause and look around, you could begin to experience life’s extraordinary beauty. "Just by giving ourselves the ‘gift’ of opening our eyes and be willing to see clearly, we will experience the wonder and magic on this planet like never before."

"Photography can be classical, whimsical, realistic, dramatic, breath taking or artistic. It can be created through the eye of just the photographer and his camera or enhanced and embellished in a lab. What really matters is not how the photograph was created, but what emotions that photograph invoked in you. Did you want to own it, experience it, taste it, be it or do it.

After all, this is our life, what we experience and believe about the world , is our perception of it. 


Copyright  2021 Arpad Petrass 

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